Frequently Asked Questions (Watches)

How do i charge my watch?

You can charge your automatic watch by moving the crown 20 to 25 times or to simply wear the watch. The movement will automatically charge the watch.

Please note! Make sure to not turn the crown too many times as this will result in the watch breaking from the inside. The exact amount is different per watch. What is important is to always stop turning the crown after you start to feel pressure. Wrong use is not valid under warranty.

Different watch models and time to recharge.

Automatic watches up to € 99,- (max. 24 hours running time without charging). Example: Normal Movement.

Automatic Watches up to € 149,- (max. 38 hours running time without charging). Example: LG10811 Movement

Automatic Watches up to € 299,- (min. 42 hours running time without charging). Example: Miyota 8N24 movement

Can i change my strap?

Some of our watches have the option to change straps. This information is found in the product description. Please note that if you do not see any option to change straps, it will be not possible.

Why does my watch stop working after a while?

There are 2 different kind of watches. One of them are automatic watches which run by moving the watch or moving the crown on the side and the other one is run by battery (Quartz Watches).

Whenever your automatic watch stops, it means that you did not wear it for a specifc period. In this case, you need to charge it again by wearing it.

You can change the battery of the quartz watch every 2 years.

My watch broke. What now?

The warranty period of our watches are 2 years. This means that within 2 years you have the option to contact us if anything is wrong with the watch. If the watch has been used normally, we will repear the watch for free and send it back to you. The shipping will also be refunded.

If the watch has been used in a wrong way which caused the watch to malfunction, warranty will not be applicable. In this case we will still help you. You can send the watch back and we will see how big the damage is. If it is repearable, we will repair it with an discount.

Why are your watches cheaper than most expensive brands?

The watches you see are made in the factory and immediately delivered into our warehouse. There is no additional middle men or retail stores that will increase the price. You get the watch straight from the source. This is why we can provide fair prices for the watches we provide.

Can i go swimming or take a shower with my watch?

The level of sealing is very important so we urge our customers to read the description of the watch before buying.

A 3ATM watch is equivalent to about 30m of water pressure, but contrary to popular belief this does not mean you can submerge the watch. They are splashproof and rainproof but should not be worn in the shower or used in a swimming pool.

A 5ATM or 50M rated watch can be worn in the swimming pool, and usually features one or more sealing O-rings under the case cover and in the bezel and adjustment dials to keep water out.

a 10ATM watch is where most reasonably priced watches for snorkelling and watersports like surfing come in. The manufacturing tolerances are tighter, seals are better, enduring even heavy usage submerged in water.

Above that, the 20ATM is the first watch capable of actually skin diving (no scuba tanks) and the structural differences start to vary greatly.

I see condensation on the glass of the watch, should i be worried?

There’s no point in panicking. Moisture inside a watch doesn’t have to be lethal to your watch.

Condensation on the inside of the glass of your watch actually occurs because your watch is leaking or because you have not closed the crown of the watch properly. This usually has to do with the water resistance of your watch. Please check the resistance of the watch before using it for a specific activity. It usually says on the lid how many meters your watch is waterproof, sometimes it is also on the dial. This can be different per watch.

Please note condensation might also be caused by a large temperature difference. If the watch was worn in outside weather temperaturs below 10 degrees Celsius and after that gets warmed up by wearing it inside a building with warm temperature, some condensation might happen. This condensation, however, should be fading withing a couple of hours. If not, there is definitely something leaking!

Watches generally don’t like water on the inside. Condensation on the inside of the glass can be stressful, but does not have to be directly harmful. Is it no longer condensation, but do you have drops in your watch? Then quickly go to a jeweler.

Frequently Asked Questions (Fragrance)

What are solid fragrances and how do i use them?

Solid fragrances are wax based fragrances that generally last longer on your skin than regular spray parfume. Our solid fragrances are also very easy to carry. It comes in a 12G metal cover that you can bring anywhere with you. One application on the back of your wrist, neck or behind your ears is enough to smell amazing for the next 3 hours.

How long does a 12 gram solid fragrance last?

It all depends on how much you use but generally speaking. By using the fragrance a couple times a week, it should last you more than 3 months.

How safe is it to use solid fragrances?

Our solid fragrances are perfectly safe for using on body parts like your arms, neck and behind your eyes. Do not use the fragrance on wounds. Please look at the ingredient list on the order page if you are allergic for one of the ingredients. Our products are safe and have been tested (animal free testing).

Do you provide a money back guarantuee?

If you tried the scent and you really do not like it, you can ship it back to us. Please not that the shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer.

You can ship the scent back to us in original packaging. The only thing you need to do is contact our customer service at and  fill this form here

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use mostly natural ingredients like jojoba oil, macademia seed and beeswax. These exotic ingedrients together with the essence oils we use provide for a very intriguing and exciting scent.

Frequently Asked Questions (Eyewear)

What kind of eyewear do you have in your assortment?

We have 2 different kind of eyewear.

  1. Anti-blue ray eyewear
  2. UV400 sunglasses eyewear

Anti blue light eyewear prevents your eyes from getting tired after watching screens like computer screents, tv of smartphones for a longer period of time. Your eyes stay healthier like this as well.

UV400 sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful rays emitted from the sun. UV 400 is the category that blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers. This includes all UVA and UVB rays.

How do i take care of my eyewear?

We provide a high quality velvet cleaning cloth which you can use to clean your eyewear. We advise to clean it with the velvet cloth and to store it in the luxury box that is included as well.

What are rimless eyewear?

Almost all of our eyewear are rimless. This means that there are no extra metal on the shades. Because of this the eyewear becomes extremely light and comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Not only do they look good, they also feel good!

Help! My glasses broke. What now?

If the glasses broke because of your own fault, there is not much we can do unfortunately. If it broke by normal use, please send a message to our customer service. We would gladly help you.

What is included when i buy eyewear from BUGOLINI®?

You receive the eyewear, a velvet cloth and a premium storage box. There could also be something special inside the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (Wallets)

Are your wallets safe to use?

Our wallets are very safe to use. Please note that some models have chains and other metal items. If you are allergic to a metal, please do not put it on your skin. Also, keep the metal parts away from children.

Are BUGOLINI® wallets made of real leather?

Yes. We use real (cow) leather to make our wallets. The leather is extremely durable which means you generally last a longer period with a CORIUM wallet than a fake leather wallet. This is eventually better for the enviroment as well.

How do i clean and take care of the BUGOLINI® Wallets?

We advise you to use a damp cloth and to use leather cleaning solution every 2 months to keep the wallet fresh and clean.

Can i put paper money or coins in the wallet?

Yes. Some of our wallets have the option to put paper money or coins. Please check the product description before purchasing.

What is RFID protection?

RFID protection means that no one can swipe and steal from your wallet. There has been a trend of people swiping wallets to get information and money from people. Our wallets block this.