BUGOLINI Magnus – Magnetic Alcantara Card Holder – Magsafe – Alcantara Italy – Dark Green

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Made from premium and durable Italian imported Alcantara fabric, the same material commonly used in luxury sports car interiors, private yacht interiors and more. The case is handmade with top craftsmanship. If you study the product well, you will find that our products are slightly different from other products in details. This is what makes our products unique.

Surface: Alcantara
Internal: PC + magnet (for charging)
Interior: Alcantara and microfiber leather
Knob: Metal

Dark Green: Alcantara

About Alcantara

Obtained through an advanced industrial and craftsmanship process – the exact details of which remain secret to this day – Alcantara embodies the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle. Besides being elegant and soft to the touch, it is also soft, durable and easy to care for.

The BUGOLINI Magnus card holder is suitable for 3 cards. From now on you can not only take your cards with you safely, but also in style.

1. 100% made in Italy
2. The ideal cover to add beauty to all types of surfaces
3. Non-slip
4. breathable
5. Light
6. Warm in winter and cool in summer
7. Low maintenance, can be washed and ironed
8. Light and heat resistant, also ideal for outdoor use
9. A material that offers a lot of grip and comfort

Download the service manual from Alcantara’s official website.