BUGOLINI Negotium – Extreme Compact Leather Wallet – Money Clip – ID Holder – Card Holder – Black


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Meet the BUGOLINI Negotium series compact leather wallet designed to carry the most important cards with you without having to carry a bulky wallet. The Negotium series is designed to carry 6 to 8 cards and has room to store paper money. The compact leather wallet has several openings which can help you take out your important cards quickly.

The metal holder in the middle is designed to hold paper money. You can simply pull it to take your money out. On the back of the Negotium series wallet you can find an area to take out 1 more card. After you put a card in, you will be able to take 1 card out with extreme ease when you need to. When you open the wallet, you can immediately find an area to put your ID in. The wallet also protects your information with RFID blocking technology. Your cards are safe in the BUGOLINI Negotium leather wallett case. The Negotium leather wallet case will be your new travel companion, designed to hold your most valuable cards.

  • Easy to store 6 to 8 cards
  • Special openings to take cards out easier
  • Special area for an ID card
  • Metal paper money clip holder
  • RFID protection (anti-theft)
  • Extreme compact


Negotium Negotium



Model: Negotium Series
Size: 10.3×7.5×0.5cm
Color: Black
Material: Cow Leather



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