BUGOLINI® Ocularia– Designer Sunglasses For Men – Polarized – UV400 – Gray

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Experience unparalleled clarity and eye protection with our advancing polarized sunglasses. We’ve carefully crafted these shades to give you the ultimate visual experience whether you’re lounging on the beach, hitting the slopes or just strolling the city streets.

Most important features:

Polarized Lenses: Say goodbye to maintained glare! Our advanced polarized technology moves intensely reflected light upward, reducing eye strain and improving visual comfort. Enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details with superior clarity.

UV400 Protection: Your eyes deserve the best defense against proven UV rays. Our sunglasses are equipped with UV400 lenses, which provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Protect your eyes and maintain long-term eye health.

Premium Build: Our sunglasses are made from protective materials and are designed to handle the rigors of an active lifestyle. The durable frame ensures a secure fit, while the lenses are scratch resistant for an extra long life.

Versatile style: These sunglasses have a timeless design that is suitable for all occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or going for a casual look, our shades will complement any outfit with effortless elegance.

Lightweight and Comfortable: We understand the importance of comfort during extended wear. Our sunglasses are detailed light so you can wear them all day long without any discomfort.
Ideal for outdoor activities: Whether you’re an adventurer, a sports enthusiast or just love being outdoors, our polarized UV400 sunglasses are the perfect companion. Improve your performance and enjoy the outdoors with unparalleled clarity.

Embrace the beauty of crystal clear vision and protect your eyes with the latest eyewear technology. Take your style to the next level while enjoying maximum visual comfort. Don’t miss the chance to get these exceptionally polarized UV400 sunglasses!


  • lens material: TAC
  • Frame materials: Stainless steel
  • UV resistance: level UV400
  • Model – Ocularia
  • Visible light perspective: 99.9 (%)
  • Storage case size: 144x147x52mm